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Note from PR: Cousin Michael was my traveling companion and partner in crime for this venture. He sent these thoughts:

Mar 03

The forms of evil have to change.

In order for the world's leaders to control the populations they must have a threat hanging over the heads of those populations. See "Fat Hermann's" testimony at the Nuremberg trials. In order for the threat to have any teeth, every so often there actually has to be a war and the populations actually have to be hurt. The Word War (many say 1 and 2 were the same war) was a godsend to the world's despots; all world leaders are despots, however as good as it was, even though evil goes on and on its forms have to change lest the populations get suspicious (...all of the people all of the time) nothing lasts forever. The forms of evil have to change.

So, some smart guy or gal, to be politically correct, invented the cold war. That was nice, for a while, but it had flaws. I thought it suspicious (I know, I'm a "conspiracy nut")* that peace lasted a nanosecond and new "enemies" came right out of the woodwork. Amazin' doncha think?

So, just in the nick of time along comes, ta da,............Terrorism (come on out here and take a bow, there ya go, applause please).

Like I said, the cold war was nice but it was getting dangerous; hard to control.

Now, who’s a good and helpless scapegoat? Arabs; never a factor or a threat in anybody’s conflicts since the crusades which they “won” only because Christianity was so corrupt and degenerate (along came the reformation). After all, the British sent one psychopath to wrest the entire Arabian nation from the corpse of the Ottoman Empire.

Now, who’s vulnerable? Jews; staggering out of the worst most bald faced conspiracy to eradicate a people, led by the Germans and abetted by every other “civilized” nation in the world save maybe Bulgaria and Denmark, in no position to think of anything but survival and easily gulled into a monumentally suspect decision or more precisely, given no choice. Tell me, where were these Jewish survivors going to go; Germany, Poland, Russia, stay in the British camps? Where?

So, a Jew weary west says to the weak and starving Jewish survivors, here’s a desert. Have a good time. The Jew weary west says to the weak and starving Jewish survivors, “never mind the Arabs they’re useless anyway,” we say go!

So, the weak and starving Jewish survivors go.

So, who did the British leave the fortifications to?

So, who did the British leave the arms with?

HINT. For those of you with memories that while good, are short:


So, while the Arabs are defending their land and homes (they are) and the starving Jewish survivors have their backs to the sea and oblivion, (they do) it’s a WIN-WIN situation for the west; too good not to be true. The only casualties are a bunch of dirtyjews –one word, and filthyarabs, also one word.

Now, we go to Yalta and who’s there?

A famous champion of the Jewish people, Joe Stalin; the sick and beloved Franklin D. Roosevelt who turned away boatloads of Jews (like the other nations) and ignored the entreaties of Albert Einstein and his own wife, Eleanor, you remember, one of the great class traitors, to bomb the railroads leading to “The Camps,” and Winston Churchill.

They wink to each other and they say to each other “let the cujines kill each other.”

Peter, the Emperor has no clothes. What is it that you are admiring? Both sides bleed the same color blood. If you favor one side in this tragedy you oppose the other and encourage continued killing.

*Just because one is a paranoid schizophrenic doesn't mean they aren't out to get him (or her) and just because one is a "conspiracy nut" doesn't mean there isn't a conspiracy.

Feb 03

Note on Dan Tamir bonus track

Peter and I had quite the disagreement over the inclusion of this piece and upon reviewing the video I can see his point. The video itself is not as clear on the issue as my thoughts are in my own "mind's eye." A short explanation or interpretation is indeed warranted.

I offer to you the "Dan Tamir" before you; this good man; this thoughtful man: this man with an endless patience to discuss; to negotiate, to explain to educate and be educated, this courageous man who puts himself "on the line," "his money where his mouth is"; this Dan Tamir is a metaphor for the nation of Israel today. His willingness does have a limit. His patience does have a limit and his "Judeo-Christian" "goodness" has a limit.

Attack the corporeal lives of my children (not their futures, their heritage their well being but their very lives); I will abandon my most cherished; most deeply held; most profound beliefs; my foundations; I will pick up a weapon of death and wield it against you.

Peel away the myths, the rhetoric, the superstitions and I am left only with this.

For me this conversation above all others in which I was privileged to participate, is the fundamental contradiction, the ultimate obstacle to a resolution of the killing. Finally, and the crux, the only way, only way to stop the killing is NOT TO PULL THE TRIGGER.

That's it folks

Dec 02


He will judge between the nations and will settle many disputes for many peoples.
They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks.
Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they study war no more.

The "Good Book" (I swear, that's what everyone calls it). Old Testament c. 3000 bce (give or take a thousand years).

I'm gonna lay down
my sword and shield
Down by the riverside
and study war no more

If you think of "God" as some kind of "Cosmic Clown" it makes sense, otherwise, "fuggetabowtit."

Eight December, 2002, Quezon City; five weeks after leaving the "Promised Land." Like any bad land deal, "promised" to a lot of people;

George Bush, father, son, and etc. Et. Al, Ad nauseum, and the rest of the "Upper Knob Lick 400,", the oil. All right there are living there, pick, pick, pick, a mere bagetelle.George, the younger, is dealing with the problem, the Jews and the Arabs are doing their best to help, patience, patience.

The Arabs, by God, by god;

The ever popular Jews, by God (see above),

Egyptions, Caananites, Mennonites, Christians, Jordanians, Lebonese, the Druze, the Jain, Bahais and so forth. I would ask what each paid to the promissor in this swindle (not you George) but the final bill has yet to be presented and the piper is still playing.

Israel/Palestine or Palestine/Israel whichever you prefer, A land of contradictions the contradictions, a roiling mass of snakes entwined and embedded one in the other each with its fands firmly embeded in the next's tail. The contradictions are, lies, wishes, myths, hopes, greed, insanity, blind fanaticism, sighted fanaticism, cynicism, rich people, poor people, hard woking people, parasites, peaceful people, angry people, people of good will and not. The only consisitancies are the fundementalist Muslims and the Orthodox Jews. The Arabs and Jews may be cousins but the Fundementalist Muslims and the Orthodox Jews are brothers.

"Only "God" can bring bring peace to this land therefore believeve and trust in "God" obey " His" laws and all will be well and in order to bring about peace we have no choice but to kill everyone who doesn't great with the program"..

The only disagreeement appears to be that the fundamentalist does it himself while the Orthodox manipulate others. In the end the bodies pile equally high while the Rabbis and the Immams call the faithfull to prayer. Among the shortest of books, "Fighting Clerics"! Blessed are the righteous for they shall inhibit the Earth.

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